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Rethinking Your Teenager

Shifting from Control and Conflict to Structure and Nurture to Raise Accountable Young Adults

Table of Contents

The First Myth:

Teenagers are young adults who choose to act immaturely.

The Second Myth:

Teenagers behave badly because of raging hormones and there is nothing we can do about it.

The Third Myth:

Adolescents shut out adults and listen only to their peers.

The Fourth Myth:

Adolescents don’t need a lot of sleep; they’re just lazy!

The Fifth Myth:

Adolescents are amazing multitaskers, and multitasking allows them to accomplish everything they need to do.

The Sixth Myth:

Drugs and alcohol only temporarily impact my teenager.

The Seventh Myth:

My teenager does risky and stupid things to irritate and defy me.


"The Teenage Years... parents fear this stage, dreading it. But it doesn't have to be this way. Family Therapist Darby Fox challenges parents to redefine the goals of adolescence by reordering their focus from what they want their child to be to who they want their child to be."

Parker SpringfieldBroadcast professional and celebrity interviewer in the Boston/New England market

"Darby Fox is a true champion of her field. Rethinking Your Teenager illuminates the complex lives of teenagers in an in-depth yet accessible way. This book is a gift not only for parents but for anyone seeking to connect with and understand teens."

Kim Messierwife of NHL hockey legend Mark Messier

"Darby Fox reconciles both the practical and spiritual aspects of what it means to be a parent in the 21st century. This is not a parenting book. This is a manual for a more uplifting future."

Habib SadeghiDO, author of The Clarity Cleanse

"Full of common sense and backed by research, science, and years of experience, both as a mom and therapist, Darby Fox offers us straight forward strategies on discipline, communication, and connection. I felt encouraged and hopeful from the start. She shows us that it’s up to us as parents to build the relationship we want. If you want to nurture your parent-child bond, support your adolscent's own happiness and their contribution to this world, read this book!"

Jacqueline TelghederCertified Parent Coach and mother of four children

Interview with Darby Fox

By: The Kathryn Zox Show

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Frequently sought after by media to provide expert advice, opinion, and parenting tips, Darby Fox has been featured in outlets such as Fox & Friends, Fox News, NY 1, PIX 11 Morning News, Univision, Yahoo, Newsday, and Morning Call to name a few.

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